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From time to time, I meet with people who work in big companies, and thought the achievement of the company in the past are their own. That is pretty funny. As a CEO, there are many news things that people in other roles don’t think of. And of cause, as a CEO, there are many things need to be learnt on the job, since no university offer CEO lessons in undergraduate.

In the book of The Facebook Effect, there is a chapter called “The CEO” with the subtitle “You should take CEO lessons. ” That was a vivid reflection of how a CEO like Mark has grown. I can tell you, it is not easy.

People – the key element when you reached the certain level of maturity for the organization.

Culture – a word over used, even abused. But it is the core of the company,

Strategy – need a lot of help to get the data ready and presented in a kawayi way to make decisions.

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  1. One more input:

    Vision – the articulated goal which is able to motivate your employees.

    Power – the influence by which people trust you and feel empowered and proud to work for you.

    I think both CEO from Facebook and Apple are well considered to be charisma leaders.

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