Will MacBook Air / Mac OS X Lion Release Tonight

What an amazing change! It has been a long time since I have ever expected the launch or release of something. Mac OS X Lion and MacBook Air are what I am expecting now. There is rumor that they will be released tonight (morning of US time). What was the last time I was so excited for something? Windows 2000 release?

I’d like to show my respect to Jobs, who have left Apple, according to him, to really think about the value of life, and back to Apple. I am sure because of his health condition, money and fame are no longer the reason for him to design, but he really made it possible to create something that is so wonderful. He is just great.

The Apple Store in Shanghai is in its normal status as we passed it tonight – no lines, and nothing special, but I guess tomorrow, it will be different.

I wrote about Why I won’t return my MacBook Air and Why I WILL return my MacBook Air. Then I realized how hard I am to make simple decisions. Surprisingly, I found Yifan is so calm and sure to make decisions. Whenever he enters a toy store, or stationary store, he knows exactly what he wants, and he just want that specific thing, nothing else. He just won’t change his mind of what he wants to get, regardless what others say. Amazing!

P.S. It is official. After I hit “Publish” button of this blog, I saw the home page of Apple changed to “The new, faster MacBook Air”. Wonderful. It is real. MacBook Air is release, with Lion. Bingo! I will go to the Apple Store to get one.

The 13′ 128GM is priced at 9998 RMB, but the online stores says there is nothing in stock, so I cannot buy it now. But I will when it is available. At the same time, Mac OS X Lion is available for download in App Store. Wonderful! I am downloading it now.

3 thoughts on “Will MacBook Air / Mac OS X Lion Release Tonight

  1. Hi Jianshuo. Told you so !

    I’ll go for the 11″ with i7 processor and 256GB SSD drive. Will have to order it online since this version will not be available at your local Apple Store … Can’t wait to get my package from Shenzhen ;-)



  2. I’ve put the order this afternoon, should get it during next week. Can’t wait ! Sold my 2010 13″ Macbook Air at at a good price, so why hesitate ? ;-)

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