One and Half Hour Round Trip to Chongming

I did the experiment. To show my family Chongming, I drove from my home at 5:00 PM and went to Chongming via the Shanghai Yangtze Bridge and Tunnel, and get back to home at 6:30 PM. It takes about one and half hour to make a round trip to Chongming.

What an amazing trip. I love the wide 3 lane tunnel that crosses the river, and the 10km bridge. It cost 100 RMB for round trip, but compared to the silly round Lujiazui tour bus, the trip is more recommended for people who want to experience the Mega side of the city. It is another Mega Project in China.

8 thoughts on “One and Half Hour Round Trip to Chongming

  1. Wow! I love the architecture of that building on the right in the second picture. Spectacular!!

  2. It is the World Financial Center in Shanghai – currently the highest building in China. There is skywalk on the top of the building. Carroll, you really need to come to Shanghai to spend few days.

  3. Carroll, soon there will be a third building, taller than those two. The Shanghai Tower, 2nd tallest in the world (after Burj Tower in Dubai).

    The skywalk is freaky, because it’s on top of the square hole, and has a glass floor. So you can look down. Also, the Pearl Tower (was tall, now looks puny) has an observation deck with a glass floor, from which you can look down to the ground. Some of the visitors refused to go to the glass floor, it can be disorienting.

    Jian Shuo, that’s a great pic of WFC with the clouds reflecting off of it.

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  5. Juan Shuo, for sure I think I must come there someday :-)

    TianQin, I would be completely terrified on such a sky walk!!! Spectacular to look *at* such a building, but too fearful to look at the rest of the world *from* it! :-)

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