Baixing’s First TV Commerical

I’d like to share with you the first TV Commercial of Baixing.

Hope you enjoy it. I enjoy the process of creating the clip with elements of Shanghai architect, the traditional pop-corn machine, and the quick disappearing refrigerator.

No matter what we do, we want to do it with confidence, professionalism, and a sense of hummer.

If you see it on TV, please let me know. :-)

6 thoughts on “Baixing’s First TV Commerical

  1. qingbo

    Nice commercial. I’d like to take a look at the opportunities there at Baixing and I just sent my resume to the HR email address. Hope it won’t be buried :)

  2. Michelle

    I see this every morning on the bus, and I saw a longer one this morning, in which two foreigns also got the bag of money.

  3. Miss_ABC

    Mr Wang, I’m curious as why I’m seeing foreigners on your ad campaign inside the bus and subway. Baixing don’t have English interface.


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