Resuming Blogging

I am resuming blogging. The blog is not dead, just cooler, when I experimented to use Sina weibo (twitter like services). Obviously, the challenge of simpler, and quicker twitter model presented is big for blogging and bloggers. I am embracing both.

I am in Beijing now, and will return to Shanghai tomorrow. It is just a quick visit, so I skipped meeting most of my friends in Beijing.

4 thoughts on “Resuming Blogging

  1. Twitter or Weibo can’t totally replace some role of blog such as sharing complex ideas and thoughts. I’ve combined my Twitter and blog too. Everyweek, a blog containing of all my tweets of last week would be published automatically to my blog. Blog and microblog, two ways of recording.

  2. Glad to see you back. The great thing about the blog is that people can refer to it in the future. For example when I go to Shanghai I will look at it to see information about places to go. Chern’s idea of blogging the tweets is a good way to combine the immediacy of tweets with the legacy of blogs.

    of course this is my own selfish view. It’s your blog, you are the master!

  3. Planning a trip to Asia in June. Originally planned to spend 10 days in Korea and another 6 in Japan. With the situation as it is in Japan, we are looking for alternative destination(s) for those 6-8 days. We are traveling with a 16 year old girl and 14 year old boy. Girl loves shopping. Boy loves gaming. Any suggestions in traveling with these teens?

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