The Advantage of Traveler

1. As traveler, every in town loves to meet you since you are there just few days out of the year. For people in their own city, you’d better think of really good reasons before you call.

2. Traveler arrange their time according to whathe/she want to do, not what others want him/her to do. Most of the time, the traveler’s calendar for the days is blank initially waiting to be actively filled. For people in town, they have to deal with routines even their calendar is blank.

3. Traveler has the sensation of time. Every half an hour matters. For people in town, the life is endless without hard deadline like the return flight traveler’s have.


  1. This reminds me of Leslie Cheung’s last words in Days of Being Wild – there is a bird with no feet who never touches the ground, he just keeps flying.

  2. Good points, That’s why I don’t like call the friends in that place without a good reason when I stopping by.

  3. No entries for a whole month. I declare the death of this blog!

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