Advanced Asphalt Road Paving System

At Haibin North Road 海滨北路 of Weihai, I saw the most advanced road paving system I have ever seen.

The system consists of many big machines, lining up for about 200 meters. It completely automated the work to pave a new Asphalt road. The whole army of trucks moved slowly, but after them, the old broken Asphalt is turned into new and ready to use road.

This is how it works.

The machines on the trucks at the front use fire to burn the existing asphalt surface of the road, to make it soft.

Then a big machine dig the old asphalt out, and put it into the middle of the road.

The old asphalt will be mixed with some new.

The mixed raw asphalt will be transferred to the top to continue to heat.

Then it will be put into the road again and heated on the road.

Finally, a road roller will be responsible to pave the whole road.

Look – shining new road is ready!

They work on one lane at a time. After few hours, the whole road is ready, and will be opened to traffic the second day.

6 thoughts on “Advanced Asphalt Road Paving System

  1. I remember this type of machine/technology in Canada rolling down a major street in the 80s.

    Since moving to China many years ago, I’ve always wondered why the government always blocked the roads for months at a time to repave it… Maybe it finally makes economical sense since labor costs are getting so high here?

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