Weihai by the Sea

This is the second day I am in Weihai 威海. Here is some observation during the day.

Where is Weihai

Weihai is at the tip of the Shandong Peninsula, at the other side of the Korea Peninsula. In that area, there are four major sea-side cities: Qingdao, Yantai, Weihai, and Rizhao.

My Impression

Weihai is a newly raised city. According to the plate number, it is 鲁K – traditionally, the capital city of the province is numbered A, and the cities are then number according to significance. K is not a very top number.

It turned out, as many Chinese cities, especially cities along the sea, the city has developed very quickly. The most big buildings are either government building, or new residential area developed by developers (just as the situation in Luoyang). Below is the building of the People’s Bank:

Guess what is this? The local Police Office.

The two statues near the sea.

The art center:

The Shandong peninsula is generally green and nice.

We saw it when the aircraft was landing.

The team spent nice time at the beach this afternoon. This was before we took a group photo.

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