Does Shanghai have Beach, Nearby?

I answered the question Does Shanghai have Beach? before: No.

Wendy and I have been searching beach in Shanghai many times. We went to many claimed beach in Shanghai – the Jinshan Beach, or the Fengxian beach. So far, the nearest real beach is at Shengsi.

This time, we continued our search to the north side of the Yangtze River, and arrived at Changshazhen, at Rudong, Nantong.

To our disappointment, there is so no beach there. What we see is very like the scene at Dishui Lake in Shanghai.

My car, Bandenger, with wind mill as background.

We finally confirmed that in lands formed with sands from rivers, like Yangtze River, there is no way to form beach. Beach can only be found when waves of sea or ocean hit hard rock of mountains.

The next time, we may need to go to places as far as Shandong to find beach. Rizhao, or Qingdao is good candidate.

We will report when we finally find beach near Shanghai.


  1. For you information: most of the fine sand on the coastal China has been shipped to Japan to create sandy beach there.

  2. I never saw ocean until I was 20 years old, that’s because I grew up in Shanghai. It’s sad that there was no real ocean/beach experience during my childhood. Despite Shanghai’s name is named after the sea, it’s very hard for people in Shanghai to experience any marine experience, especially in the old days.

  3. while these are mostly swimming pools, they’re a close second to real beaches during the scorching summers in Shanghai!! also, I don’t think they mention the reservoir at Moganshan, I hear it is really beautiful and more of a nature reserve than hotel pool …. also there are a bunch of lakes and reservoirs in Zhejiang that I hear are very beautiful!

  4. When visiting Shanghai Normal University in 2009, I was taken to there second campus in the outskirts of Shanghai, near the sea. They had planned on talking us to a beach there but there wasn’t enough time. We could see the sea from the University so there must have been a beach of sorts nearby. I think most Shanghai natives head to Hangzhou’s West Lake for waterside fun.

    Some beaches I have visited in China include Gulangyu (Xiamen), Dalian and Panjin (Liaoning). I also went out to a small island in the Bohai Sea called Haxiandao, which was quiet, unspoilt and had sandy beaches. Of course in the south of China, Hainan island is famed for it beaches too.

  5. I miss the beaches… hmm… I’ll put that as a must visit place my next trip home.

  6. to those native shanghainess whom have been lived for ages, Beach is like a “God thing” to them. Since their little they went to shuzhou River for playing, a few people swam in Huangpu River, however there was no so-called beach in Shanghai. therefore beach is always one of the aspire things to shanghainess, they associate beach as a western thing, only rich and natural country people may enjoy, sometimes this is true, comparing Chinese beaches to those aboard ones, totally different feel. i would like to see a really beach in SH, but when and where?

  7. To your information, in Qingdao, there are many beach. The first bathing beach in Qingdao is manmade sandy beach. The others are native. In autumn, the sea and the sky are blue. Suggest you to walk through the wooden Plank Road along the beach. Juan from Qingdao.

  8. No. Shanghai is full, of mud. And, you can, tell there’s a Chinese, nearby.

  9. I heard there are nice beaches in the islands off the coase of Wenzhou in south Zhejiang. That’s about as close to Shanghai as it gets, apart from Shensi island. We’re talking about 6-8 hours travel time in driving and boat ride. I figured long time ago, you might just hop on a flight to koh-samui if you’re into a great beach. Thailand’s beaches are incomparable in quality to those China can offer. Thailand’s cheaper, better value, services in higher quality and the direct flights shorten the travel time.

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