The Devil Wears Prada

I watched the movie on the United Airlines flight to US, so I watched it two and a half times on flight. I love it.

One year later, I started to read the book. Combined with my current thinking of great leader, I started to turn my perspective, and look at the world from the eyes of Andrew Sachs (the assistant)’s boss, Miranda Priestly.

From the eyes of Andrew, Miranda is the devil.

But when you watch carefully enough, you will find Miranda is a good leader – she sets high standard, sets clear goals (not how to do it), pays close attention to details (of the final results, not the process).

Some typical Miranda style announcement:

I don’t understand why it is so impossible to confirm an appointment…

Your incompetence does not interest me…

It is YOUR responsibility, YOUR job. Ge….t me h…ome!

She is a devil, in a sense similar with Steve Jobs. They are another great type of leader, not my type, but definitely not the wrong type.

P.S. Corrected some spelling errors.

20 thoughts on “The Devil Wears Prada

  1. There are two minor mistakes in the blog:

    1、In “But when you watch is carefully enough, ”

    “you watch” –〉”your watch”?

    2、In”Some typical Miranda style annoucnement ”

    “annoucnement ” –〉”annoucement”?

  2. I believe that character has a real version. People like that, Jobs included, are not “normal”. These are genius… the best of its kind. Guess if one wants to work for them, one has to accept whatever the style of leadership they put out… it’s a package.

  3. The real version of this Miranda is maybe Anna of Vogue. Steve Jobs is definitely the same type of people… There are many more. The one I personal know of this characters is Jun Tang of Microsoft, and SNDA. They are leaders, tough leaders.

  4. Conversation happened on my Buzz:

    Meng Yang – I happen to have the same thoughts, but in practice Andrea is as scarce as Miranda

    Jian Shuo Wang – But Miranda has systematic ways to identify people like Andrea, but Andrea meets Miranda, only because of … luck.

  5. saw this film last weekend,like it,and found some shadow of ugly Betty,they really have so much characteristics in common,respectable,energetic and smart.

  6. well.. is such kind movie become a status symbol and the lady a great leader… we can understand why arrivism and go-getting at all cost seem to be the key words of a great country such China.

    unfortunately such wrong concepts are costing life of millions in pollutions, social unrests of the poors and the weaks who feel correctly abused and manipulated… and deprived of any human basic needs…

    that why chinese companies and spoling what is left of already usurped africa, that why Chinese migrants fell mis treated till they get crazy and commit terrible crimes .. even again innocent child..

    it s not the devil to wear prada… its the “get rich and powerful” that make humans devil.. and to show how devilish they are… they also wear prada and love such stupid movie….

  7. @reality humans, we are talking about different aspect of the same person. The movie is all about the fashion industry, and I am talking about the leadership. I don’t have any problem to identify many different aspect, good and bad, on the same person. Can you do that?

  8. Jianshuo — You are a man after my heart.

    I love Meryl Streep. And I’ve been a fan of Anna Wintour since I started reading U.S. “Vogue” in college. (I still won’t pick up any other edition).

    By the way, I’m heading to Shanghai for a short trip soon. I have been in ages.

  9. @reality humans, take it easy please! There are leaders of an industry, a company, a school, a sports team, an elementary school class, a work team, etc. etc. These people wjs mentioned are characters of human life. They are not Saints. If you can read Chinese, you’d know what is “上纲上线”… there is no need to do that.

  10. @jian shuo & @GN

    in the movie or the book clearly show that “she” the leader, teach a lesson to get what you need at all cost, they not interest in external factor or what it create to get it at any cost, issues and factors that are often indicated as “incompetence & incompetent” to who arise them…..

    this means building a leader ship as dictatorship, that soon or later will miserably fell, as history show us to anyone who managed his business (this is also applied to countries) with authoritative orders.

    an harmonic leadership, do not consider incompetence external factors, vice versa, is able to see at 360 degree throughout his/her leadership and able to absorb the external factors as a supporting issue.

    it build the leadership in a much long time frame span and views, assuring that all the parties involved are properly happily pawns of the harmonious system where the leadership is harmoniously challenged in order to keep improving and advance

    using her as example of a great leadership, is giving a bad example, making a bad status symbol or worst as said showing what we really care and on what we feel assimilated… .

    life is short… but what we seed today… is what our kids will crop tomorrow and what our grandkids will collect after tomorrow… so we have to learn to look after the sunset and think of tomorrow sunshine… where a smile shall be in the face of everybody… the leaders and the followers..

  11. When a person holds extreme power, he often becomes a great leader.

    The list is long: Napoleon, Hitler, Starlin, Mao, …

  12. @reality humans. Sorry, man. I don’t think you got it.

    First, it’s a spoof — of the stereotypical dragon lady fashionista.

    Second, it’s a Hollywood comedy. It’s not real life.

    All Jianshuo was saying was that it was cool to see a hard-hitting, no-nonsense, creative, female boss.

    Dictatorship? “Harmonious leadership”? Migrant workers? Your grandkids? What are you talking about?

    The movie’s about “Vogue.”

    The only thing this boss is a dictator of is hemlines.

  13. @Anna, my take about this, we cannot judge people just by what he/she wears. To wear a Prada or not does not has direct relationship with who the person is. Wearing a Prada does not make people more devil.

  14. The author of the book The Devil Wears Prada was the former assistant to Anna Wintour from Vogue. There is a real life documentary about Vogue and Anna called The September Issue. Highly recommended to see the real story in real life!

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