Bet is Greatest Tool to Increase Visability

I just made a bet with college in my company. The bet is like this:

The loser will travel to a city in the middle of Hunan province named Loudi (Loudi on Wikipedia), and take a photo before the Loudi Train Station at the end of this month.

Here is the transition plan:

K859 4:54pm – 9:08AM Shanghai South Railway Station – Loudi

K80 – 2:02pm – 4:53am Loudi – Shanghai South Railway Station

This is an interesting practice. We all have goals. Most of the goals are easier to accomplish with the peer pressure. Run Liu put it this way: “The best way to accomplish something (like passing an exam, or losing weight) is to tell all your friends that you are going to do it.” By increase invisibility, you setup some pressure for you that you cannot remove by yourself. The only way out is to work hard on it.

A bet is like this. It draws excitement for everyone involved, and a great way to show case that you are serious about it.

5 thoughts on “Bet is Greatest Tool to Increase Visability

  1. Is there any particular reason Loudi was chosen as the destination? I ask as my wife grew upp perhaps 20 miles from the town.

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