Expo is Nearer

Expo is officially 31 days away. I saw the expo site from the Inner Ring Elevated Highway tonight.

They are testing the Expo light effect today. At night, the site is so beautiful. From the gap of two buildings, I saw a pavilion with OIL logo on it. That redish shining pavilion is like a magic box. I didn’t get the chance to take a photo of it.

The Nanpu Bridge is lightened, with color bar on the side facing the Expo site. I do have some blurred picture for the decorated Nanpu bridge.

It seems this part time Expo journalist need to get busy.

P.S. Get excited.

From time to time, we need someone around you to get you excited, and you pass the passion on and on. Some times, it is yourself initiating that passion, some times inspired by others. But always, it is good to keep passion about what we are doing, and do our best to be best.

1 thought on “Expo is Nearer

  1. I know many visitors will be coming to Shanghai to see the World Expo, but knowing how crowded Shanghai already is without the Expo and the added population, I’m afraid the road condition will be awfully unbearable. The restaurants, markets will all be crowded as well. To get out of this crampted city, I have made a reservation to leave Shanghai for at least 2 months starting late April.

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