Experienced Security Guard

Let me record the experienced I had in Pudong airport before I forgot.

At the X-ray security check machine, a female security guard is supervising people to put their stuff into the machine. This is the conversation.

Before I put the bag there, she asked: “Do you have a laptop?” I pulled my laptop out of the bag.

She asked: Anything in your pocket? I used my left hand to pull the wallet from my pocket.

“Phone?” She asked prompted. I got my phone from the other pocket.

“Coins left in your pocket?” She is right again. I got two 1 RMB coins. I laughed.

Then she said without any emotion: “You can go now.” She is right again. I have nothing in my pocket or hand at that time.

Hmmm… This lady is very experienced.

4 thoughts on “Experienced Security Guard

  1. But you’re not a very experienced flyer. While waiting in line, I already start taking things out of my pockets and putting them into my pack. Separately, I think putting your wallet, coins an phone inside your pack is safer than putting it in an open tray.

  2. Must be X-ray vision. Airport security technology these days…

    I put everything into my pack at the security line also.

  3. So you were holding up the line the whole time? You fly regularly right? So you should know to take those things out before it’s your turn.

  4. The interesting part about the security check at Chinese airport is, they have extra staff everywhere to provide help that you never need. What I wrote is a perfect example.

    The reason I felt it is so funny is, the girl is just like narration when I did that. We are still far away from the X-ray machine. Even without that girl’s “prompt help”, everyone can do it. She just stood there, and repeated the same thing to every passenger. I guess what she said is exactly what she *see* others doing, not passengers do it because what the girl said.

    It is like the scenario that when you got an ice cream, the vendor told you: “Use the scoop with your right hand”. You did. “Get a scoop of ice cream”. You did, and before you put it into your mouth, he says: “open your mouth, and put it in”. So you did! If he predict: “Don’t look at me. Look at the ice cream already dropped on your shirt!” and it did happened, you will write a blog with title: “Experienced Ice Cream Vendor”. Or with the title: “The Help that I Never Needed”

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