Complicated Roads to Hongqiao T2

The new Hongqiao Transportation Hub (including Hongqiao Airport T2) is a big project, with Airport, Maglev, and train station integrated in the same structure. There are many roads to this big hub, making it one of the most complicated road system in Shanghai.

Let me share with you some photos I took in my last visit to Hongqiao. If you are new to Shanghai, and rent a car at the new terminal, guess whether you know which road you choose to use when you first see these signs.

There are at least 5 choices you need to pick the right one from. Hard, isn’t it?

Here are more signs. Enjoy the puzzle!

Below: The arrival roads.

There are no good map about the area so far. The Google Maps has not been updated – there are nothing in that area yet. Let’s wait for few months, before we have a nice map about it.

4 thoughts on “Complicated Roads to Hongqiao T2

  1. In the 2nd picture, it looks like the driver of the van is confused, and stopped on the junction point. Not safe.

  2. @Greg, you pointed out something I didn’t pay attention. Yes. It seems the driver is trying to stop and make a decision there. There are many cars like this on the road, that I even thought this behavior is part of the transportation system.

  3. Glad they actually use traditional Chinese characters for “Hongqiao Airport” in the last picture. That’s PROPER Chinese characters; looks so much better.

  4. @one, that should be handwriting of someone. – I did some research. Many said it is written by the first mayor of Shanghai after 1949 – Chen Yi. Since that was in 1960s, people still use traditional Chinese.

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