Electronic Power Towers

I have a mixed feeling toward the electronic power towers.

It is obviously not pleasant to get close to it, but it is not completely lack of artistic feeling.

I don’t know how many of you feel the same as myself – I have to admit that I enjoy watching and shooting the scene of power towers when I am on the highways…

3 thoughts on “Electronic Power Towers

  1. After working hard to create a proxy for blocked photo on Flickr and Picasa, I finally get back to the original question: nothing can be more inefficient than solving a problem that does not need to be solved.

    I give up.

    If anyone cannot see my photos, it is because we are all living inside the high great wall. Learning how to get access yourself… I just find out to use code to solve problem is always more time-consuming than expected.

  2. I live in Thailand. Your picture display in the post with no problem at all.

    It is an interesting picture as I also have interest in these towers, on my trip I noticed that China has lots of towers along the highway, different type and shapes.

    The appearance of your photo makes me wonder if it was taken by mobile phone or not, would you mind to tell?

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