I am on Google Buzz

If you are also on it, you can follow me by searching me by either

  • jianshuo
  • Jian Shuo Wang
  • Wang Jian Shuo

in the Search of Google Buzz.

So far, I love what Buzz delivers – real time, and deep integration, a quick and handy interface and a solid existing network dug from the email contacts network.


  1. Hi Wang Jian Shuo, I read your post on 12/02 about Google Buzz. I followed the link in your post and clicked the ‘try buzz in gmail’ button. Do you know of a way to access Buzz if like me your gmail account is with wangjianshuo.com (your kind gift) Regards Rob

  2. Google Buzz is not applied to Google Apps yet (domains like wangjianshuo.com), but they said they are going to have that soon.

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