Wenchang to Wanning

Let me upload some photos on the way from Wenchang 文昌 to Wanning 万宁. I just realized Flickr’s image was blocked in China these days. So… use your own ways to access these photos.

My Comment on Yaris

We rented a Toyota Yaris for several days. That was much better than I expected. I love this small car. The storage system in the car is especially well designed. We chose this car just because all other cars were fully booked out, and it turned out to be a good choice. BTW, it is 330 RMB per day.

The Yaris I rented

Freeway in Hainan is Free

When I can rent a car, the life in Hainan is very like in US, like the Silicon Valley – I only mean the scenery. Another thing that is so similar to US is, all the expressway is free. It is not actually free since the fee is included in gas, but it is so convenient that you can drive up and down at any exit without the trouble of queuing, and payment. A small thing made is so different experience.

The Sinopec has superstore at each gas station – like the US, and for the first time, I feel the importance! It is much easier for a car owner to access convenient store at gas station in busy downtown.

The sign of Sinopec

Coconut Forrest

We stayed in the Coconut Forrest at Dongjiao 东郊椰林 during the Chinese New Year Eve.

The beach looks very nice, and actually it is the view on a Chinese stamp before.

The beach

The small wooden house looks nice, but actually, it is the worst hotel I have stayed in recent years. It was funny that we spent the New Year Eve there, watching the New Year Party on CCTV with the small and lousy TV set.

Photo by Wendy

Yifan’s Gardening Work

Before the lunch of the New Year Eve, Yifan spent 20 minutes carefully choosing his favorite stone, and place it along the road.

Garden design by Wang Yifan

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