Metro Line 9 Opens

The Metro Line #9 east section opens yesterday. The newly opened section starts from Xujiahui Station and ends at Century Ave Station. It connects with the rest of the already opened Metro Line #9 and arrives at Songjia New Town, at the west most part of Shanghai.

I visited the Metro Line #9 newly extended stations this afternoon. Here is my report.

Insensitivity of New Lines

When Metro Line #1 opens, there are just about 10 stations. I know every single station so well. I even wrote guideline about each stations:

Now, it is impossible for me to be even aware of the names of the stations. I just briefly take some photos and share with you about 20 minutes tour.

Century Ave Station

I have more detailed description of Metro Line #2, Line #4, Line #6, and Line #9 Century Avenue Station. But at that time, only Metro Line #2, #6 and #4 where open. Now, Line #9 joined the other three lines, to make the station the biggest transit station in Shanghai (4 lines).

Below: the relative position of the four lines:


Transition in Metro Stations in Shanghai started to get confusing. Look at this direction board.

At Jiashan Road Station, there are area like this:

Obviously, it is reserved for stairs to go down to transit to another line in the future.

The best transition I saw, even better than , is the Zhaojiabang Road station. Metro Line #9 and Line #7 crosses with each other, with Metro Line #7 at lower level. Transit from Line #7 to Line #9 is just an (long) elevator away:

Xujiahui Station

Xujiahui Metro Station will be an amazing station with 3 lines. Now, the transition between Line #1 and Line #9 is still very bad. You have to EXIT the Line #9 station via Exit #15, and go on the ground for 200 meters, and enter the Line #1 station via Exit 13. You have to pay again (no free transition).

In the future (before Expo 2010), the two stations will be connected via a big transition hall under the Grand Gateway. I am very looking forward to it.

To my Office?

Want to visit me in my office? Remember to take Metro Line #9, and exit at Exit #18. That is the closes Metro exit to me.

P.S. I am going to pay a visit to newly opened Metro Line #11 this holiday. It also opens yesterday. Now, Shanghai has the following metro lines opened:

Metro Line #1

Metro Line #2

Metro Line #3

Metro Line #4

Metro Line #5

Metro Line #6

Metro Line #7

Metro Line #8

Metro Line #9

Metro Line #11

8 thoughts on “Metro Line 9 Opens

  1. Hi… what metro can I take from Nanjing Road West to Chang Feng park? And how long time does it take approx?

    Thank you…


  2. Thanks for the guide and pictures WJS! I believe that until the interchange passageway opens at Xujiahui, a “virtual interchange” is possible. That means, if you have a Shanghai Public Transportation Card, you wont be charged twice for the journey when you exit and enter the faregates within 30 minutes. A similar system happens at Hongkou Stadium and Shanghai Railway Station.

    I’ve got a guide to all the stations on Line 9 with maps, photos and pronunciations on my website at

  3. Katta, I believe the number 8 line should take you to Chang Feng Park, but first you should go to People’s Square on the number two line from Nanjing West to switch lines.

    So maybe takes you 20 minutes or so.

  4. Hey there, at I read that lines 7 and 11 only operate from 9:00 to 16:00, is that correct? It would be completely useless for working people.

  5. @Katta Changfeng doesn’t currently have a metro stop, I don’t think. I studied at ECNU which is right next to it– You ought to get off at the 3/4 station Jinshajiang Rd. and walk west along the road (right as you exit) until you get to Zaoyang road. This road has a central post/gate/ad-banner, so you’ll know it when you see it. Then walk down that road, past the shops and the university backgate, til you get to Changfeng’s own gate. It’ll be on the right.

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