Lego Duplo Car for Yifan

I spent the whole morning and noon time with Yifan. We built LEGO train, car, and buildings together. The only LEGO we had so far is Set # 4960-1: Giant Zoo. It contains building blocks for a zoo, but Yifan is not as keen to animals as to cars. So, we just left all the animals along, and started to build cars.

Look how I did to help Yifan to build the car. I did most of the part, and Yifan was busy helping me on logistic – he is very good at finding similar items for me.

I enjoyed the 4 hours playing LEGO with Yifan. Although I built it, I admit that it was actually Yifan who guided me to do the job. He has high standards – he requires Dad, and Mom on the car, and the car head should be red, and must have 4 wheels, and he especially asked to have a gas hole.

Have I told you that I am always a LEGO fan?

2 thoughts on “Lego Duplo Car for Yifan

  1. Hah! I still have all the Lego pieces our boys used to play with when they were young. That was back in the day before it came in “sets”. I love that your little Lego people have Asian features.

    We had a small (3.5 year-old) visitor with us for Christmas this year, and she and I had a wonderful time lying on the livingroom floor playing with the Fisher Price toys we have also saved. I think I am ready to become a grandmother :-)

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