Lego Duplo Car for Yifan

I spent the whole morning and noon time with Yifan. We built LEGO train, car, and buildings together. The only LEGO we had so far is Set # 4960-1: Giant Zoo. It contains building blocks for a zoo, but Yifan is not as keen to animals as to cars. So, we just left all the animals along, and started to build cars.

Look how I did to help Yifan to build the car. I did most of the part, and Yifan was busy helping me on logistic – he is very good at finding similar items for me.

I enjoyed the 4 hours playing LEGO with Yifan. Although I built it, I admit that it was actually Yifan who guided me to do the job. He has high standards – he requires Dad, and Mom on the car, and the car head should be red, and must have 4 wheels, and he especially asked to have a gas hole.

Have I told you that I am always a LEGO fan?


  1. Hah! I still have all the Lego pieces our boys used to play with when they were young. That was back in the day before it came in “sets”. I love that your little Lego people have Asian features.

    We had a small (3.5 year-old) visitor with us for Christmas this year, and she and I had a wonderful time lying on the livingroom floor playing with the Fisher Price toys we have also saved. I think I am ready to become a grandmother :-)

  2. At this stage Mindstorm is way too early for Yifan, and also a bit expensive, but it is great for kids to use their hands and minds, and to develop computer programming skills. My son has attended Mindstorm summer camps and it is great fun for kids in the later part of elementary school and up.

    Have fun playing.

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