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Following up yesterday’s post about common sense “Go to bed early, and wake up early make you a health man”, I went to bed at 10:00 AM and wake up at 7:00 AM. Spent about an hour to write some sample code (so good to use less lines of code to archive more). Then I did some planning work for the next few weeks. Yes. It seems right and nice to have the future life in control.

I said about ENFP is incompatible with GTD. I still believe so, but every type of personality loves to follow habits. I have also written about Fengshui = Convenience + Time. It is the counterpart of habits: environment. Both environment and habits promote accumulation of small things over long enough period of time so that to yield huge impact.

Habit also don’t have a starting and ending point. It is just like a moving object following its track, unless some external force changes it route. It is the most energy effective way to form a good habit and create a favorable environment for long lasting results.

5 thoughts on “Early Wake Up

  1. Yes, sleep early, wake up early, eat vegetable, eat light, walk and exercise, you will live a very long and happy life…

  2. Yes, sleep early, wake up early, eat vegetable, eat light, walk and exercise, you will live a very long and happy life…

  3. Haha… that’s pretty easy for you to put some of us into “unhealthy and unhappy” category;-) Hey, be nice… there are a lot “夜猫子” out there… I am one, and not necessarily less healthy or less happy … just on different rhythms;-)

    I read somewhere a while ago that the best is actually that if you could manage it to go to sleep when you need it and get up naturally. Of course, for people who have to go to work at the fixed time frame, it is a different story.

    That said, sleep tight and have a good dream… I mean… later tonight. 8-)

  4. Strong medical research and statistics prove JS’ point, the vast majority of people with longevity adopt a sleeping pattern that syncs up with the timing of natural sun rise and sun set. Of course, one can claim that he/she can still maintain health without paying attention to this, but the risk may be higher if one deviate from abiding by natural pattern. A very slow deterioration of health may not be able to be detected over a long time. For example, people in their 30s may not see themselves in risk even if they don’t stick to a healthy pattern, such risk will only show up as they get older into 40s and 50s. Have we paid attention to the lifespan of celebrities? They all have a colorful and exciting life, but they often don’t live very long. Why? hyper active activities in their early life appear to have consumed the energy necessary for a healthy long life.

    Having said the above, on the same scale of importance, a healthy diet is just as important as sleep pattern. A person habitually consumes more meat definitely pose higher risk to his/her health than a person habitually consumes more vegetable, fruit and fiber.

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