I Would Have Written Less if I Had More Time

Paul told me that Mark Twain once said “I would have written less if I had more time”. What a great idea – echos what I believed in the programming space: Less is More in Coding.

Common principles are very common looking. Like the old saying to tell people to “Be good”! Commonly looking, and you don’t even noticed that people said that. The good idea is to follow the common principle, since it is more likely to reflect the truth.

In the training, we talked about the universal principles, and everyone of us tried to give examples. The mostly commonly approved principle by the class are the most common looking ones. The leading two:

1. It hurts when the head hits the wall.

2. If you don’t eat, you will be hungry.

We laughed at what we found after 10 minutes of brain storming. The truth about this is, if you read something that is so common, and self explanatory, and you take it for granted, you’d better follow it – the more common and naive it is, the more reliable it is.

So, in real life, less is more. Don’t try to find out those fancy quotes. Just follow the common sense.

I am now following my common sense: Go to bed early, and wake up early makes people healthy.

Good night and have a good dream.

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