3 thoughts on “OOB for Three Days

  1. Wish I could do the same. Unfortunately, I can’t do my job without computers. Yes, there also has to be two of them. Nowadays, I wouldn’t know how to live without computers. Enjoy your computer-free days.

  2. Well, this reminds me of a interesting group in douban. It is “你为什么不关掉电脑去做爱…”,but when you click in,it actually is “你为什么不关掉电脑去做爱做的事”. (The Group name is too long to be completely displayed) There are a lot of people doing the same thing: Swearing they wouldn’t touch the computer for …

    And when I was in college, most of us sit in front of computer in spare time. It was really boring, but we didn’t know better way to kill the time. But when sometimes the Electricity was cut off for regular inspect, things were different: We played cards, sitted around chatting, and a buddy next-door played guitar in the dark…

    the good old days.

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