Phone Works Better than Email

How silly it is. I finally decided to recover my oldest ebay account with ID jianshuo.

That was an account created 7 years ago, and suspended 5 years ago. I submitted the online request. As expected, nothing happened – no reply – after few weeks.

Then I gave them a call: +1866-643-2959. It worked very well. They promised to send the activation email to my new email address.

Phone works better than email, always for large companies.

P.S. How embarrassing! A former eBay director still need to call the call center to have account released from a suspension 5 years ago.

4 thoughts on “Phone Works Better than Email

  1. I had a similar experience with Bank of America, huge bank. A lot of banks now have a feature for you to chat/IM a customer service person. I tried it thinking I can still do other work on my computer while IMing (ha, I do that anyways with friends while working :). After a few minutes of chatting with a service rep, she said she does not have permission to do what I asked for and that I needed to call on the phone. I called, and the person took care of my request in seconds.

    I can understand email being slow because there is a lot of spam out there to sort through. But I was actually IMing someone in a chat window. I don’t understand why that was so problematic. Perhaps call centers have much better infrastructure?

  2. In the future, in order to make electronic request work just like phone, companies must adopt a trouble ticket system. This system would allow users to make formal request and assign urgency to it. The company must promise how long it will take them to resolve the issue based on the urgency rating. Today’s rudimentary way of sending an email or starting a web chart won’t work because there is not a formal “contract” to abide by from both sides, thus quickly lost in transaction.

  3. I would hope to creat a combination of realistic business and online website. I think I would pay more attention to the Online feeback more than Call center. coz, some guy Just like you would like to get some help from web.

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