8 thoughts on “I got my Expo 2010 Ticket

  1. How many people are expected to come for the Expo? I’m planning to come and see. Should be interesting.

    So for 160 rmb you can go unlimited times during this time period? That’s not bad.

    I’m also looking forward to seeing the cleaned up Shanghai. Last year the Bund was very messed up, should be very nice soon.

  2. Is there an unrestricted entrance pass, do get those if they are available. From past experience one have to go back many many times to be able to enjoy the Expo experence . It really worth the money.

  3. HI, I am arriving in SHanghai on APril 27th and staying until may 10th. Will I be able to get an expo ticket for that time?

  4. Sorry Alejandro, I have no idea. My GUESS is, you still can get it at door, but who knows the real situation at that time. At least, they sell night ticket from 7:00 PM. You don’t need to reserve for that. That is the bottom line.

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