Nice Weather this Holiday

During the national holiday of 2009, I took some photos when we drove along the Nanpu Bridge, and along the Bund.

I had never seen so many policeman on the Bund before – every street corner is like this. It seems this was the most dangerous national holiday.

As always, the buildings built by capitalists and bankers were decorated with communism and socialism banners:

The river front of the Bund area is completed closed. Visitors must be very disappointed to visit the Bund without seeing the Huangpu River.

With massive destruction along the water front of the Bund, they are building a new Bund to enable people to be closer to the water.

On the Nanpu Bridge, you see the two tallest buildings – always nice to see when the weather is good.

After few years, I hope the photos can help me to remember the feeling of Shanghai during this holiday. My mood was very like the clear sky – no rush, and no hurry – just peacefully stayed at home for 8 days.

3 thoughts on “Nice Weather this Holiday

  1. nice photos taken during the national holiday! do you know when will line 7 exactly open to the public? i saw on the news that it will open year-end.

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