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I’d like to draw people’s attention to the follow three thread where there is great discussion happening. I admire people’s thoughts in the comments section. Please join us if you are interested.

Does Policital System in Taiwan Work? 24 comments so far.

Millionaire Country Singapore. China? 12 comments so far.

Life in Beijing Must be Interesting 33 comments so far.

Be patient to read the long thread. There are some very nice thoughts in it.

8 thoughts on “Nice Discussion on Politics

  1. JS, can you tell me why the rehearse of the National Day parade in Beijing has to be so hush hush?

    Few reporters was attempting to have a sneak and peek are roughly treated by the “G” men. Looks like a military deployment before “D” day.

    To me, a National day celebration should be proud and happy!

  2. The software people in mainland china used to reach beyond the GFW is not working these days. Jianshuo, can you help?

  3. @sak, did you mean Puff? There are many other solutions, but need some effort to search and setup. Let me share some keywords so you can start your search: tor, myentunnel…

  4. @stephen, very good question. Why a holiday can be so dangerous? I actually don’t know what the guys are worried about. My guess: 1) domestic conflicts and tension which may breakout. 2) instability in Xinjiang and many other Chinese provinces 3) The anniversary, especially 60th, is the time for people to think about the history of the regime. They only want people to think about the good things, and forget/not to mention the bad things…

    Any other thoughts?

  5. @stephen:

    I heard that reporter incident. It’s embarrassing. I guess many people will have the same question you raised. My wild guess:

    1. It would be less exciting on Oct 1st, if you had already seen the rehearsal many times online. It’s like when the waiters in a decent restaurant serve a delicate dish, they sometimes bring it with a silver lid, and remove the lid in front of you. Then, “Wow…”! (I know there might be other reasons, like keeping warm & hygiene.) Save the best for the last.

    2. Security consideration. I read another 2 news a few days ago. 1) Chinese security department recently tackled a terrorist plot that was said to target at the 60’s celebration (Pardon my laziness, I’m not searching and quoting the news source). 2) Some newsman complained that all hotel rooms facing the parade road are not available on & around that big day, because government has booked them all. Can you imagine the consequence, if there is a sniper hiding in a black window, and he place the crosshairs on the gigantic DF-31 missile, or Hu Jintao (or any other people)? That will be a Chinese version of 9.11. I’m not a military expert, but I know if I were the sniper, I would definitely need some reconnaissance before the real action, and the rehearsal provides an excellent chance.

    However, these are not excuses for those “G” men’s mishandling. They could have done it in a proper method.

  6. I saw the French Military parade on the Bastille Day where the colour guards and matching bands from other countries also joined the parade, it is really a show of national unification, harmony, peace and celebration.

    I am sure no terrorist group would dare to “torpedo” such “international formation”.

  7. I think French security deparment must have got a great hustle for their gala as well. We just didn’t see any news on this aspect (Maybe there are some on Paris local TV, but we don’t have any access). And I’m sure their policemen must have treated foreign reporters in a very professional way.

    Intensive security preparation is undoubtedly indispensable for these important events. In 1950, someone had planned to bombard Tian’anmen on the 1st anniversary celebration with a 60mm mortar. Luckily, Chinese intelligence department arrested those guys 5 days before Oct 1st. It was CIA which manipulated the operation behind the scene. Of course I don’t think US government would take this sort of action now. But we have a new enemy – terrorists, varieties of them. No matter which country we are in, China, France, or US, we are all faraway from real peace.

  8. @Adam, no one will doubt the necessity of security for any big event in today’s world. But if using that name to do something else is not that widely accepted.

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