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My frequent readers won’t be able to notice the difference between two domains: and They are different in many ways:

History: started in 2000, and it is far before I started the blog.

Authoring tools: Between 2000 and 2002, I never heard about blog, and I was a FrontPage support engineer in Microsoft in early days, so I used FrontPage – not very good in today’s web 2.0 terms, since after you authorized the pages, it is static. I didn’t change the content for a long time.

Location: as implied by the name, started from a home computer in my reading room, and then moved to more than 5 different hosting services, before it now settled down at MediaTemple (very good so far).

There are some nice content on the old site, but I just found out it is not accessible for many months today. So I recovered (a simple “CHMOD -R 775 html” did the trick).

Here are a list of the old files.

Look at how naive I was 9 years ago. As historical record, I just don’t want to touch it and keep them their as long as I can.

I have hosted blog for some of my friends. They do not update today, but the old files are still there.

6 thoughts on “Recovered Old Files on

  1. WJS, just curious, what service plan do you use with Media Temple? If I may ask further, what sort of traffic and server load do you have?

  2. Jianshuo: The files under html directory is not neccessary to be added with x “executable” bit.

    So “find ./html -type d -exec chmod 775 {} \;” and “find ./html -type f -exec chmod 664 {} \;” would be better. I’m a high school classmate of your colleague “hequn”. I’ve watched your blog for a long time.

  3. @paranonia, yes. I know. But when I was in troubleshooting mood, I just want to give the relaxed permission so it can work for sure, then tighten it up a little bit later.

  4. Thanks, WJS. Just wondering if your website exceeds the allowed GPUs (i think that’s what they call it) for the (gs) plan, though I imagine your website to be fairly simple and optimized?

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