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I have postponed it for a long time – I really need a good video camera to take videos for Yifan. We are not using the pretty early model of flip. What do you recommend me to buy?

My current choices are either a Sony HDR something, or a Flip UltraHD. I want to make the decision quick, and getting back with a good camera to record the precious life we have with Yifan.


Robert Scoble thinks Flip MinoHD is the best.

TechCrunch guys thinks Flip is bad: The Flip v. My Cheap Canon Camera: Flip Loses Across The Board

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  1. Jian Shuo, why don’t you consider buying the Sony DSC-T900 ? I bought it just before leaving for China (I’m from Europe and, like many people here, passionate about China) and didn’t regret it : it’s very small so you can actually bring it everywhere (it’s actually smaller than a mobile phone). I chose it because it’s a 12 Megapixels photo camera AND YES, it can also record VIDEOS in HD (720p), which would enable you to take very decent photos AND shoot videos at the same time … I put a 16 GByte memory stick in this, which is far enough for a whole day of taking pictures / shooting videos.

    There are plenty of reviews of this Sony DSC-T900 on the web, have a look !



  2. I am still thinking about the difference from the dedicated video camera, like Flip or Sony Video Camera, and the camera feature of most digital still image camera. I had Sony P8 before – very nice, and T10 later, not as good, and Nikon Coolpix – a disaster – broken the second month. I think I want some more “professional” stuff to take video now.

  3. SONY it is!!!

    If you’re looking for point and shoot camera or dslr ..i would say Canon first choice and Nikon second choice… But we’re talking about HD camcorder…. SONY will always be the best in this line…

    It’s SONY!!!

  4. After checking out Sony HDR-CX500 at BestBuy, I realized how silly the question of “flip or sony” is. The 12x optical zoom, and quality of the video is obviously the biggest difference of a professional video camera than flip. Although some people don’t care, I care. I am more leaning toward buying a SONY now.

  5. The FlipMinoHD is pretty nice. 1 hr of mp4 HD in a very small package. The small size is a big feature, because it’s too big to carry easily, you simply won’t take it with you and use it.

    Just be aware that the MINOHD doesn’t have image stabilization, so you need to learn how to hold the cam steady.

  6. Yean, get a Sony, one of those latest small HD camcorders that either uses an internal Hard Disk Drive or a Memory Stick.

  7. Well, here is the tip from a guru ;-)

    If you need a device mainly for taking good video (i.e. a camcorder), then you may want to take a look at Canon VIXIA HF200. It has near-professional quality with a consumer-level price. 1080P full HD, 15x zoom, optical image stablizer and using SDHC card. You will appreciate it when viewing the video on your new 52″ TCL HDTV set.

    If you want something for taking both photo and video, then you may want to look at the Panasonic DMC-TS1. It is a small camera with amazing 720P HD video capability. And it is waterproof (3m), dustproof and shockproof…. So just imagine where you can use it with your son.

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