PubSubHubbub is Interesting

Was away from tech for a long time.

Noticed Brad’s new protocol PubSubHubbub.

I told Wendy the name of this protocol. She, as I expected, was quite amused by the pronounciation of the name – pub – sub – hub – bub.

It is used for real-time publishing. I have asked Jim to do some research on it. Althoguh there are not too many people using this protocol yet, I would see the protential of this interesting idea.

P.S. The meaning:

Pub = publisher

Sub = Subscriber

Hub = hub

bub = … but what does bub mean?

4 thoughts on “PubSubHubbub is Interesting

  1. It’s a bit of a joke. A “hubbub” is the noise of a crowd, like you would hear at a market or a train station… or when everybody is doing real-time publishing! –>

    “Bub”, by itself, is a slightly rude way of saying “you”, but that’s not what they mean here.

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