We Will Miss the Solar Eclipse

Ops. It seems we are going to miss the longest and the best total solar eclipse in Shanghai. Look at this picture and you will know how lucky we are to be located in Shanghai:

But being in the central location of the Solar eclipse is just the beginning of the story. The reality is, it is cloudy!

Here is the photo I took this morning.


It does not likely to be able to directly observe the elicpes. I would only guess that it will be dark outside for some time.

Longest? .The Only…? ..est?

We should be happy to observe the eclipse – the process of being completely dark, but shall we be happier if we know it is the longest in the next few hundred years? It is just like the last day of the 21 centuary – the event by calculation (not the observed event, but just by numbers, like 2001.…) is not as excited as real event, like launch of a rocket, or born of a baby. That is another example of why gut feeling provide more accurate guidance – you are just not as excited to one event and very excited to another.

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