Eclipse Just Ended

It was completely dark outside. Darker than I thought – exactly a night.

I just feel I got jet lag – eyes told me I should be sleepy, but I am still excited. That is exactly the feeling of jet lag.


  1. I heard an interview on NPR yesterday that since it is Monsoon season in India right now… there won’t be much a chance to view the sun, a company was chartering people to view the eclipse above the clouds for $1600 per person for 3 hours… something like that. Is there a market for things like that in mainland?

  2. an interesting event… even though not able to see how the eclipse happened

  3. You’re so lucky to be in Asia. The next full solar eclipse will be 2132.

    I heard in an interview a full eclipse is bad omen in most east Asian culture. With the current financial crisis, the prediction arrived after the fact.

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