I am Moving Back to Puxi

I have lived in Shanghai for 14 years.

My first two years was spent in Minghang Campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Two years later, I moved back to the Xujiahui Campus of SJTU. That was where my current Baixing office is located – the dorm is about 200 meters from my office building.

In 1999, Wendy and I moved to a cheap apartment in Meilong.

3 years later, we very happily moved to the Vanke Waltz Garden near the Caobao Road Metro Station of Metro Line #1. That was wonderful time. The only problem is the noisy Caobao Road.

Then we sold out the apartment, and moved to Pudong in 2004. Look at the back and forth, and twist and the final process of our moving:

It was not an easy decision to move from Puxi to Pudong – they are two different cities. Although I enjoy my life in Pudong a lot, I have to find way to move to somewhere closer to my office.

Traffic is the Key Driver

This year is the toughest year in terms of transportation in Shanghai. With the development of all the metro stations, key roads, and preparing for the Shanghai Expo the next year, the whole Shanghai has never been so jammed, and crowded.

According to the news report I heard ten minutes ago on Shanghai Radio Station, there are 200+ metro stations under construction today, with most stations at the busiest cross roads. There are more than 1000 roads under construction, including the Inner Ring Pudong part, and middle ring in Pudong. There are more than 8000 construction sites in down town Shanghai. It seems unbelievable. If you count the recent collapsed 13-story residential building, the whole picture is more amazing.

It is not surprising for me to find out I have to drive along all the construction sites to work everyday. The previous 40-45 minutes drive has extended to 1 hour and 10 minutes, and sometimes 1 hour and half hour. The even more terrible thing is, since everyone try to get to work at the same time, it becomes mission impossible to get to office at 9:00 AM. No matter how early you try, you arrive at relatively the same time.

I am Moving Back

Finally, we decided to move back to Puxi – somewhere near where I work, and get back to the exciting, ever-bright, crowded, and noisy Puxi. We signed the contract today, and will move back. It takes about one month or so to move.

Puxi, we are back!

My Story, and the Shanghai Story

My story is just one of the millions of stories around where to live in Shanghai. I’d love to share just to help my friends understand what the real life in Shanghai looked like – my choices of Yifan’s school, and my choices of where to live.

15 thoughts on “I am Moving Back to Puxi

  1. That’s exciting. I’m sure that the Yifan school issue was also a factor in the back of your mind. Look forward to hearing about your new home!

  2. HI NEIGHBOR, your leaving puxi, we did not even have time to say hello :) Was it something I said ? (IM JOKING) To be closer to work I assume ? Good move.

  3. Puxi is definitely considered better than Pudong. :)

    JianShuo, This is not related to the title of the blog entry. But, I’m considering moving back to China from Australia. I’ve been in the consulting industry for 3 years in a global IT consulting firm. How difficult would it be for people like me in finding a job in Shanghai?


  4. uuu…. no more weekend camping site for Yifan. Anyway, you can always drive to Century Park over the weekend and setup your camp again :)

  5. JS,

    I was wondering if Yifan’s education is one of the reasons you moved back to Puxi.

    Anyway, glad you moved back to the “real Shanghai” :)

  6. It is definitely one factor, but the key factor is to move closer to where I work – now it is about 30 minutes walking distance (1.8 km) away, and I can either drive (which I think I won’t do very often), or take public transportation (two stops away).

  7. I think 30 minutes walking distance is acceptable and enjoy the real am 8 shanghai not too bad as well .

  8. maybe this is my first time write here.

    I read your blog long ago

    I have lived in shanghai for 4years.also,i change 5 times for a good live place.now i living at meilong too,near to huadong university.welcome to back

  9. Maybe i am correct. i guess you bought a new house in xujiahui named Kaixuan huanyuan(it is about 30 minutes walking distance (1.8 km) away). it is really close to your office. The best primary school in shanghai, Hui Shi Primary School is close to you living site.

    Also i bought a new appartment named Dongfang Manhanton in Xujiahui for my son’s education. I have sold my apartment in Dahua of Baoshan district

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