Yifan on the Road

Yifan on the Guilin to Yangshuo boat – his first boat ride.

Yifan likes his red car – he has been with the car for many weeks – days and nights. At night, he sleeps with the car – any attempt to remove the car from his hands will cause him to cry for a long time to protest against.

Yifan and the bird (technically, it is called Phalacrocorax carbo 鸬鹚). I paid 2 RMB to get the permission to take the photo for Yifan.

Yifan’s other good friend – the little red travel case. He loves to push the case around – on ground with nice surface, like airports, or tough places, like this one at the pier.

Not surprisingly, Yifan is the first person fallin asleep when we arrived at hotel after a long trip.

Yifan finally got the chance to play with water as long as he wishes – he was not allowed to do it in Shanghai when the weather is still too cold.

As you can see, whenever there is Yifan, there is the red car.

He finally got some interest in the menu – when he feels hungry, or shifted his interest to cup when he feels thirsty.

Before a bar with strong rock-n-roll music, he dances with me:

Every time Yifan travels with us, he grows up a lot, and learn some new tricks… How wonderful the trip is with Yifan, although we almost haven’t explore Yangshuo yet.

8 thoughts on “Yifan on the Road

  1. Hope to read more about Yifan (I have a 19-months old), and maybe Wendy can blog more about her life as a working mother in Shanghai.

  2. Such a happy little boy! I can see many pieces of you *and* of Wendy in his features — the perfect combination. He looks very well-loved :-) Does he have a name for his car (like you named your Goudaner?)

  3. Reading your blog has been part of my life, i would stop to work suddenly and go to your blog just to see what jiansuo going on these days, and really appeciate your active attitude to life, thanks , jiansuo!

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