I am in Guilin

I am in Guilin.

Before I came, I thought Guilin is like Sanya. I am wrong. I am presented a city like Luoyang.

The city is small, crowded (full of the atmosphere of life, of cause), and not so beauitiful. It is like the old town of Guangzhou, or Shanghai – you can find the energy from the chaos.

I even didn’t took a single picture in Guilin, before I left the city for Yangshuo.

To be exactly, I am now in Yangshuo. Guilin is just a glance of the Elephant Hill from taxi window just before sunset.

Today, we spent the morning doing a Guilin Hotel tour on bus (The bus took us to every hotel to pickup tourists, and it cost more than one hour), and spent the rest of the day on the boat from Guilin to Yangshuo.

Now, at 10:30 PM, when Yifan fall asleep – he is obviously too tired today, let me take some time to record my thoughts of the day. I will seperate the thoughts into many different blog entries, in an effort to cut each article shorter and more readable.

3 thoughts on “I am in Guilin

  1. I went to Guilin in 2005, and I have a deep impression on a place called “世外桃源”.

  2. 總體來說是個大一點的城鎮吧,既有很多大城市以前的影子,又有很多小城鎮將來的樣子,所以到了之後排斥感很快就丟掉了。市區範圍內有很多老物,周邊的縣也有蠻獨特的地方值得一觀⋯⋯最重要的是人好

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