What is Happening in Shanghai

Looking at twitter, and you can find out many people’s story related to Shanghai. Here is what is people are doing around Shanghai. Hit F5 from time to time to get update. You see, Shanghai as a big hub with many people coming and go, and they have something in comment – they are twitter users, and love to share what they are doing.

    3 thoughts on “What is Happening in Shanghai

    1. I was in Shanghai, but I love Hangzhou better. haha.. But moving around Shanghai is not as difficult as I thought. Transportation is so convenient and the people are friendly even though I speak very little ‘Pu’dong Hua’. I am looking forward for another visit if I can find a sponsor. Haha..

    2. Hangzhou is definitely a better city for “Life”, and Shanghai is more focused on work – people easily get tired in Shanghai, and in Hangzhou, it is much better.

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