Congratulations to Xiaoliang and Tangjing

I am in the Liudao Resort to attend Xiaoliag and Tangjing’s wedding. Xiaoliang is not only my business partner, he is also my good friend. In the last four years of (a.k.a, we went along the same ups and downs, and we have built enough trust possible. We are more than friends, and I am very happy that Xiaoliang finally get married – counting as another marriage after Jiachen/Yeyun and others.

Baixing is a company strong tight of families – like most successful enterprises in China, we are not just working in the same company, 4 years of similar experience helped me to build strong personal connections, not only between our people, but their spouses – we are the same batch of people attending each wedding ceremony, and other important events for every people, like birthdays.

Happy wedding for Xiaoliang and Tangjing. I feel very happy about your wedding, and hope you get a great future in the speed just as your exceptional run to the stage. I am a little bit over-drink today and feel drizzle now with the effect of full cup of white wine, but I still want to write down in the room 214 of Liudao Resort about my wishes.

I just hope, that one day, when the business is really successful, ever shareholder of the company gets his/her own deserved part of the success. Most of the time, when I think about my personal mission in this company, I feel that I do need to make more rational decisions, and see the future more clearly to bring the team to final success. Think about the 20 employees in 2005, and 2006 who are still in the company, and many new friends joining the company, I feel I have a much greater responsibility than running the company, it is more in a sense of personal responsibility for the happiness of many families. That is also an integral part of entrepreneurship.

Let me just stop here, and get back to the wonderful evening. Although I didn’t attended the Dongfang of Xiaoliang and Tangjing due to Yifan’s schedule of sleep, I want to wish Xiaoliang/Tangjing a happy marriage, and I am sure the friendship between the to families, and even Yifan and their future children is long-lasting – much longer than a company or our limited life lasts.

It is nice to attend best friends’ wedding, isn’t it?

I need to go sleep now.

Written at Liudao Resort on February 28, 2009 (YLF)

4 thoughts on “Congratulations to Xiaoliang and Tangjing

  1. Congratulations to your friends——XiaoLiang and Tangjing !

    I ‘m ZhongJie , a student still .

    One weeks ago i found your blog on a news net . it is so cool .

    so i added your link on my blog.

  2. 试图用英文打了半天,发现太烂了,表达不了那个意思,还是说中文吧。



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