Car Towing Services in Shanghai

During the Spring Festival, my car broken down on the road. It is the first time I called a towing service in Shanghai. With the popularity of cars, the demand for towing services may increase. Let me share what I learn from the experience.

The Tow Company

There are only two major towing companies in Shanghai: Anchang 安畅 and Jiuyuan 救援

Anchange’s phone number is 021-56995995

(995 in Chinese sounds like “Save Me”)

Jiuyuan’s Phone number is 021-54471005

My personal experience told me that Anchang seems to be much better than Jiuyuan from the customer service they provide over phone.

Fee Structure

Both of them use the following fomular:

100 RMB initial fee, with 10 KM included.

5 RMB for every additional KM.

You need to pay for any toll fees occured.

Distance is calculated based on the location of your car and the destination.

The Towing Car

The towing car is pretty professional. It is that kind of big car that put your car on top of it, which means it is pretty safe for the car being towed (compared to those smaller towing car as seen in the cartoon movie Cars).

Look, Goudaner is being towed!

I hope you don’t need this information. :-)

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  1. Hi JS, The RSS doesn’t work anymore after your website is back. Can you check? :)


  3. I thought this is how car towing works in China…

  4. JS,

    I guess it is time for you to consider changing a new and bigger car. Since Yifan will need a bigger space to play in the car too. hehehe…

  5. @DC, I never thought about changing a car seriously until I got my car towed – I thought: hmmm, maybe I should at least start looking. Now, as long as my car is fixed and everything is fine, I just feel I can stay with the car for much longer time than I expected. maybe another year or two?

  6. thanks for the information;

    do you know something about the second hands car market in shanghai?

    we are interested in buying a second hand

  7. Where can i find this services in other countries.

  8. That’s great service provide shanghai. last time my car is broken than i call towing service & after some time some person are coming & my problem are solved.i am happy with this type of service.

  9. Interesting read, thanks for helping keep me busy at work ;)

  10. Hey what a wonderful service you provide. Before I never thought to change my car due to lots of risk but now it is easy for me.Anchange’s car towing services are very great.

  11. Ciekawe informacje na temat pomocy drogowej w innym kraju :)

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