I had my Wisdom Teeth Extracted

This afternoon, I went to a dentist my friends recommended, and had my right wisdom teeth extracted. It has some problem because of dental caries. It is very painful for me. These days, it started to affect my dining and sleeping. So I have to get it out.

I hesitate a lot before the operation, and it turned out to be painless – it is my first time to do anything with my teeth except daily brushing. Now, 3 hours after that, everything is OK. It is just as before the operation. Good. Now I have 31 teeth.

Preventional removal of Wisdom Teeth is not a very common practice in China yet (or to people like me). The dentist suggested to remove the other side, but I don’t want to do it before it causes any trouble. Your suggestions?

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  1. I got one removed. It hurt like you wouldn’t believe it. That one was gone because an open part in the tooth bed meant the gum started mixing and matching with the wisdom tooth, which really hurt. (In Chinese it’s called the 神經, or the nerves. Those nerves, exposed, hurt real bad.)

    One of my wisdom teeth goes at a full 90° angle. I’ll let that one wreck havoc before I dump that one. ;-)

    Get well soon! Tweeting and blogging will often take away the pain. (Riding on the Metro is safe from the 2nd day onwards.) :-)

  2. I have the same problem,the wisdom teeth is painful sometimes ,but by now i have no idea to extract it .hehe maybe oneday i will extract it like you!

  3. I do remember one of my tooth very painful when i was in turkey serveral years ago and the dentist told me the tooth nerves is dead , it must be extracted out or i would get pain frequently .But keeping in mind with if it’s ok, no need to this terrible things, and the tooth hasn’t brought any painful since that, so it seems that what dentist said is not always right :-)

  4. what is the wise teeth?

    is it something that makes you wise or smart?

    i am really confused about it.

    any explanation with detail would be appreciated

    i am always concerning about your worlds

  5. Hello JianShuo, if your brushing habit is not the best then it is best to remove the wisdom tooth as soon as possible. The reason is because it will become infected with time, and the infection can spread. Also, since the other right wisdom tooth no longer has a tooth opposing it, it isn’t used for chewing and it can become supererupted (longer). For these reasons it would be a good idea to have it removed.

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