MediaTemple is Great!

Livid used Media Temple long time ago (two years ago I think), and when I try to find a new hosting company after bluehost, I started to think about MediaTemple.

The several hour of experience I had with MediaTemple was great. I once thought bluehost was the best, because it offered everything I need, but I just find out MediaTemple has everything bluehost had, and provided much more.

Even more surprising thing for me was, I made phone calls to MediaTemple to ask two questions. They answered the phone several rings later (as quick as bluehost), and the person who got my phone, Revon, knows exactly what I was talking about, and gave me the solution immediately. I even got an email like this after the conversation. This is completely out of my expectation. This is really great customer service, combined with really cool technology. I hope posting the email itself should be OK since it is a complement to MediaTemple, and I will be OK to pull it off, if for any reason MediaTemple don’t want their communication with customers being posted.

Jian Shuo,
Thank you for the phone call.  Here is a brief summary of our conversation:
Your call this morning was due to not being able to connect to myqsl via SSH. You also had a question on how to view your domain before propagation. To login to mysql while using SSH you will want to use this format.
mysql -u -h -p
During our phone conversation you realized you were missing the -h and that fixed your issue. With regard to viewing your domain prior to making a DNS change you will want to use your access domain. In using you access domain it will look like this
I hope this helped you out and I’ll definitely answer any other questions you may have. Just let us know!
Best Regards,
Media Temple Customer Support
Statement of Support:
User Forums:
<v> 877-578-4000
<f> 310-564-2007
During the course of support you may respond or update this request in the AccountCenter at the following URL:
Please note, this email is a one-way notification that your support request has been updated. All communication with the support staff is handled directly online through the AccountCenter web interface. Should a new unrelated support issue occur during the progress of this request, please open a new separate request inside the AccountCenter.

This package is 20 USD per month, three times of bluehost, but it surely provided the value.

3 thoughts on “MediaTemple is Great!

  1. Media Temple is ace. We trust them to host our Shanghaiology wiki about exploring Shanghai from the Metro and freeway networks. Will require a quick crash course in tech stuff, but they’ve helped us out. Follow-up emails are the icing on the cake. Worth the extra cash. :-)

  2. I’ve had a good experience with for my blog CN Reviews which I selected based on your recommendation Jian Shuo. I’ve been pretty happy with them in general. Have you tried to complain to Bluehost and see what they can do to help you?

    If you end up moving to MediaTemple, please share how access from China is for MediaTemple vs. Bluehost.

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