Jian Shuo Wang on Channel Young

5 minutes later, the previous interview with me will be broadcast on Today’s Impression program of Channel Young.

If you are in Shanghai, and you happen to see this note in the next 5 minutes, please tune to Channel Young 上海电视台生活时尚频道 and watch the program.

I am still in office, and don’t feel the temptation to rush back home to watch, because, I already felt that Being on TV is Nothing


  1. You looks like rather a giant in camera than in real life.

  2. I’ve just seen your article, and unfortunately I missed the program.

  3. Cool,i saw it just now. you looks much different from your photo in blog

  4. I watched the programm about you on Channel Young about 8 minutes ago,and then I google your blog.

    :) so cool what you do

  5. Yes, I really saw you on Channel Young tonight.

  6. I saw the show and googled your blog. It’s really helpful and I will recommend it to some foreign friends of mine.

  7. I saw you on Channel Young tonight.So I googled your blog.You cool.I like it .

  8. yes, i saw you last night in Channel Young, and leart there’s a blog named Wang Jianshuo which provides great guide to foreigners, u r so friendly and as a Chinese, i feel proud of your kind help to foreigners. Wish you happy everyday.

  9. i also watched the program and then knew who you are.good job you done.

  10. i watch that program on channel Young every night, come to shanghai for only few monthes,so very curious and interested about your blog. nice to meet u~

  11. Hi, I just watched the program and also google here,

  12. Hi Jianshuo, I missed the program. Is there any re-show and at what time? I really do want to watch it!

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