Back from Luoyang Family Gather

Yifan, Wendy, and I am back from our 5-day trip in Luoyang. Time flies, and we would only hope to stay at home longer. My two elder brothers, sister-in-laws, and other 3 little children get together with Yifan. It is a big family with 12 members. Imagine how fortunate we are. Even we have broadband Internet at home, I still didn’t put any time into blogging – maybe the longest blogging pause in the recent months, but it worth it, doesn’t it?

Some quick notes about the travel (only the travel part, not the family part yet).

  • Zhengzhou Airport is the hub airport with extremely good high-way infrustructure connected to other cities in Henan.
  • The Highways in Henan (thus I guess for the whole China) is very well. We saw G4, G5, G30, and many S-type of road. (It is just like I-5, I-95, or CA-17). The roads are very like in US – I mean California already.
  • Luoyang didn’t change too much, except real estate development. There are high-raising residential buildings everywhere.
  • Food and restaurants are still a highlight for the city (comparable to Shanghai), but the street view, and other consumption is still far behind.
  • Luoyang is so warm inside any building, and it is a much better place to stay in winters.
  • Several days without Internet and only social activities seem much better than days with all-day Internet access and surfing, or other computer based work.

I may write more about the trip in the next few days.

2 thoughts on “Back from Luoyang Family Gather

  1. Shouldn’t be surprising that the highways in China resemble the America’s. China copied the American interstate highway system.

    Not a bad idea, something we should do more often.

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