I am deep in my heart a technical person. Although I am thrown into the business world, from time to time, I get back to the technical world to play for a while, and then get back to normal life. To me, it is just like a fever – the passionate fever that will fade out anyway, but when it comes, I am so interested in the topics.

Playing with Solr – the open source search engine on Saturday, I am again interested in a wonderful simple technology called JSON. I realized almost all the Google API, and open source API are now supporting JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). I even created a page that helps me to view the JSON object easier:

JSON Reader

If you are also pretty technical, you will love JSON a lot.

2 thoughts on “I Love JSON

  1. Yeah, I played it a bit when I was learning GWT. These days because of the popularity of AJAX there are quite a few Java Script based technologies. One of them that I am learning and will be use quite a bit is JQuery. It’s like using Java Script in a more powerful way, you will love that for sure :)

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