Visited Two Companies

Visited Aspect Gaming, and AdChina today.

Nice Internet startups in Shanghai. Had wonderful lunch with Justin, and talked in depths with Alan. Both are good friends of me. They are both in Shanghai Mediazone Tower (Wang Wang Tower) near Nanjing road.

We really should get together with great people more often and get inspiration. I do need to talk with people – my type of people need inspiration to live, and to work.

Maybe I should setup a goal to meet some great people every few weeks (if not every week), to keep my life exciting.

4 thoughts on “Visited Two Companies

  1. Wang Wang Tower? Does it spell ‘旺旺’ in Chinese? Really a cute and Chinese-characterized name if it is, huh?

  2. You’re also the one of great people and give people inspiration tenderly through your thoughts.

  3. Oh, I see. Thanks, Jianshuo. I think I’ve known this great group you mentioned since there were the advertisements of Wangwang Xianbei on TV long long ago when I was a little kid. A beautiful girl of middle school age being dressed like a princess just scampered out on the screen, then I could hear the words “香米里的好风味,旺旺鲜贝!”. Haha, that’s just what the ad like in my memory.

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