Rob’s Skateboard Journey

Rob left a comment on my blog, and I learned about his amazing journey. He used 800 days to skateboard from Switzerland to Shanghai two days ago, and here is his journey.

I have shot an email to Rob asking whether he has time for a meetup in Shanghai. It is very like many of my crazy project, but his is much more crazier.

Enjoy these boundless thoughts and actions in this world!

P.S. Matt’s dance was another amazing piece:

Damian Woetzel showed the video to the audience during the YLF 2008 session.


  1. Wow! Really amazing dance! Does this guy tavel to every corner of the world to show his unique dance? It seems that most of the time there were no audience at all, maybe he just doesn’t need any audience. Anyway my horizons are broadened again, and I love the stone where he danced at Norway, it’s just challenging.

  2. Haha. Yes. Matt went to almost every place in the world, and do the dance – what he called “bad dance”…

  3. Haha. Crazy man!

  4. so wonderful of the two guy! i envy them.of course, i think they are enjoying their happy life.

  5. Sekhar Sirigiri

    October 3, 2008 at 8:06 pm

    One of my friend…went around the world in a bike (motor cycle)….last year…..find his experiences in his blog

  6. Wish I could see him in Shanghai but I don’t think so. Great and tough man!

    BTW, snow backgroud in Dubai is true, as unbelievable as what this guy did!


  7. Wish I could see him in Shanghai in person, but fact is I don’t think so! Snow backgroud story there is true in Dubai, wholly man-made, just as creazy as this man!!!


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