Resume from Long Pause of Blogging

After I returned to Shanghai on Sept 23th Shanghai time, my sense of time was completely disordered, and due to the national holiday, and the recent travel to Beijing, my sense of days is also destroyed. In Beijing, I happened to have no Internet access, and that is the reason of one of the longest blogging pause in my blogging history.

Now, I am back.

And I will make up some blogs to fill in the absence – I don’t like to record something that I know is not truth. My way to handle it is to change the time to some day in the past, and put a disclaimer at the end of the entry to tell people (especially for myself) the actual day the blog was created.

3 thoughts on “Resume from Long Pause of Blogging

  1. What a clever way to re-wind one’s life. Maybe from now on I will pretend to myself that when I finally get around to doing some project on which I’ve been procrastinating I actually *did* get it done a few days ago as planned. Of course then I will need to do twice as many things on the day I backtrack, so…Hmm. Still, an interesting concept.

    PS: You didn’t really need to tell us your secret technique of filling in the blanks, Jian Shuo. I would just have assumed that I forgot to refresh the page or something. :-)

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