Random Note During Meeting


Title 9 – what is this?

Women in sports as background of what she did – much better cause to do things.

30 years of reform since 1979.

You are going to spend all your time as a tourist.

“Challenge what you believe”

“You should really be ready to embrace uncomfortable positions”

“It is not what you say that matters. It is what you are seen that matters”

“It is the same group of people who fight for jobs who fight for getting back to home”

“YOu can have it all, but not at the same time. We all make choices”.

“Just follow the laughter”

“Whether we survive or not depend on how e meet the challenges”

– lack of accurate information about China

– Look at China through US’ paradigm not via Chinese eyes

Kennedy: “our bank system is at its edge.” Thank God. They didn’t listen.

The key is to have a “clear, rational, and not self-centered propose”.

“Lift above the up and down in daily life – the north star.”

“To enhance the freedom and happiness of others”

“because me is very weak, small and short lived”

“Be a communicator or the telephone wire between US and China”

“Stupid enough ot think that would work” – for culture revolution in China.

“If you don’t give it up, no body else can take it away – the north star”

“Something upset us is not the real world, it is our thought about the real world”.

“The rational judgment is based on your viewpoint. ”

– “The first year will be very depressed” – “I will try but I cannot promise”

“Consistently check with reality to verify your north star”

“The brutal and lairs believe they are for doing a good cause. So keep in mind and consistently do reality check”

“The sign of liberal thoughts is no absolute thing”

“The world is my home. Doing good is my religion”

“Only when a water goes back to a river, it lives for ever.”

– They are the only game in town. Who are you for if you are against them.

– This is the most successful regime in human history.

– Respect.

– Lay your card on the table

– Desire for solution not regime change

Other chocking things – bad meat, or milk

Growth and development of economic system – painful process.

2 thoughts on “Random Note During Meeting

  1. Title 9 is a law passed in the 70’s relating to support for women’s sports in universities. Before Title 9, the trend was that colleges spent much more money to encourage men’s sports at universities. (Like football, baseball, and basketball).

    Partly this is because those sports bring in more money to the college through selling tickets, etc. But unfortunately, there was not much money let for women’s sports, and money is needed for equipment, hiring good coaches, etc. And the lack of sports for women has a long-term effect on developing leadership and teamwork skills for women. (Probably why they are talking about this at YLF).

    Title 9 was a law passed by Congress that colleges could not get money from the US government unless the university spent an equal amount of money on women’s vs. men’s sports. This was very controversial and not popular with the universities. And the law did not seem to be enforced very well over the years. But now the law seems to have had an effect, and women’s sports in universities are becoming more popular and getting more funding. Though it still is not perfectly equal.

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