Back from 22 Hours Trip

I am back from Seattle. The trip was very long – left hotel at 7:00 AM Sept 22 Seattle time, and arrives at home at 8:00 PM Sept 23 Shanghai time. That is 22 hours on the road – to be more exactly, on the road, at airport and in air.

I agree that Seattle is too far away. I have get used to my trip to the Bay Area. That is more convenient compared to Seattle. I have not been to Seattle since 2005, when I left Microsoft.

I hope my next trip to US just stops at San Francisco…

3 thoughts on “Back from 22 Hours Trip

  1. I’ve never had such a long trip by air, hence, I hope to enjoy one in the future.Though boring and tiring it might be, I would love to have this experience which will be really exciting for the first time.

  2. 好åo Šï¼Œçœ‹äº†ä½ çš„æ-‡ç« æˆ’觉å¾-你很幸福,人能去除自己国家之å¤-的别的国家æˆ-地区æ-…行对戒来说是一件奢侈的事,戒是没有资格去想的,戒也不奢望,因为戒有戒自己的事情。对于你戒真的很为你感到高兴,祝你高兴!

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