CRH Train from Shanghai to Hangzhou

I just took the CRH train (or the D train) from Shanghai to Hangzhou. The journey is only 1 hour and 23 minutes, from 1:12 PM to 2:35 PM.

I have the chance to take some photos to share with my readers. I know many of then are wondering about how to get to Hangzhou. To take train to Hangzhou from Shanghai South Railway Station is definitely a good option.

The train head.

This time, there are three trains connected together, and they are connected this way, so you cannot get to another train if the train is moving.

The seat – hmmmm.. pretty soft.

Inside the train cart.

There are toilet and washroom on board.

On the train, the LED display always tells you the current speed of the train (from 130 km/h to 170 km/h), the outside temperature, and the internal temperature (23 degree C today).

There is a small dining room on the train also.

with some food supply (from 6 RMB to 12 RMB)

There is a bar-style table in the middle. Nice to have someone gather there and play poker.

There are drinkable water, of cause, but the short journey does not need it.

Inside the cart, with people sleeping (sweetly)

It provide rack for large luggage at the head and rear of the train cart, so you don’t have to pull it into your seat, or put it on the over-head cabinet.

Here is where your small luggage and bags go:

Third photo of the internal equipments:

That is the nice train…


However, along the “Train of Harmony”, in Shanghai, residents are not happy. Along the residential area, many buildings put on signs like this:

On it, it reads:

We are human. We eager for quiet life!

It is not enjoyable experience to have many trains running at 150 km/h stone-throw away from my bed.

25 thoughts on “CRH Train from Shanghai to Hangzhou

  1. This is great news for folks who want to travel between the two big cities. Do you have the train schedule and a list of the fares? How far it it rom Hangzhou’s train station to the Westlake area by taxis?I assume that there are many bus routes to different parts of Westlake.

  2. 1st class ticket price at RMB68. 2nd class ticket is RMB58. For the 1st class, it is a comfotable big 2 seater for each side of the cabin. Power supply socket plug is provided too.

    You can easily google and the train schedule online.

  3. It is a good news for me, because I am planning to go to Hangzhou this year, and I never travel by D Train.

    I know you from culture matter show on ICS, it’s my frist time to visit your blog. I think this is a great place for english learner to practice and improve their english. I am a beginner of english…

  4. I took the train to Yiwu one month ago with two and sat in coach. It wasn’t bad either. I didn’t know first class had power plugs. That could be good. I will remember it for next time. Our host and his wife took us to the train station and boarded with us to say good-by. They had taken people to the train station before but never to catch the CRH. They were caught off guard when the train departed so quickly and had to ride to the next station to get off to return to Yiwu. I bought them the ticket for the ride. At least we got to talk a little longer. Ha Ha.


  5. There are many more slogans like in the last picture on neighborhood buildings near the south railway station. It’s really a nightmare living near the railway. Don’t know whether the government will take actions on these slogans for the tiptoeing Olympics.

  6. I plan to visit Hangzhou in October.

    I need to know whether the D train ticket can be purchased in the train or must be at the counter?

    I read some website that we can pay the ticket when you are on board..

    Hope you can enlighten me.

    Thank you

  7. @milliegan, I don’t think you can purchase the D train ticket on board. You have to get it at the railway station first, and use the ticket to pass many check points before you get on board. Fortunately, Hangzhou ticket is not very hard to buy unless you are traveling in weekends.

  8. We will be in Shanghai in december and plan to visit Hangzhou at the end of the year. we would like to buy our tickets in advance, while we are still in France.

    Could anyone advice us about a travel agency who would arrange this for us ?

    We have been told about the agency CHINE EVASION ( in French) but they do not answer to our mails and their website did not accept our reservation….

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  9. Is this the Shanghai-Hangzhou train ticket with D train still 54 RMB?…and does the D train have hard and soft seat or just one type seat??…Thanks!

  10. Can you pls tell us how far is the train station at Shanghai to the Bund ?

    I will be travelling there in a coumple of weeks via Hangzhou.

    Also how far is the train station from the West Lake at Hangzhou.

    You answer is urgently needed. Please email me, just in case…

  11. Could you please advise the difference between 上海南-杭州东 and 上海-杭州?

    For the trains that travel within 2 hours, what are the difference among 动车组, 空调特快 and 空调快速?

    Thanks a lot!

  12. Wow. Totally impressed with the train. I remember the last and the only time I rode the train in China was in 1989. And yes, it was a trip from Shanghai to Hangzhou. That was not a very nice experiece. Then I have heard so many horrible stories about train rides in China (or in old China). I have heard that some people would dread the long journey so much that they would rather stay at the university through the entire school break or holiday. Can’t imagine it. But this train looks awesome! I hope my day of riding it to HangZhou will come soon …

  13. Hi, I will be visiting Shanghai on May2010. May I knw hw much is the cost of the D train to Hangzhou? Thanks.

  14. Hi! I’m a Filipino studying Mandarin at Fudan University in Shanghai. A friend and I plan to go to Hangzhou on a weekend. What place do you recommend for us to visit? Thanks.

    Wu Yiran

  15. Nice information especially for those that going to have first visit to Hangzhou, like me.

    Is there any one of you could give me information how to reach Shanghai South Railway Station from Pudong Shanghai airport..thanks a lot in advance



  16. Hai, i m going to Hangzhou at the end of august, 2010. Arrival time 10.30pm, can i know there is the shuttle bus from Hangzhou xiaoshan airpot to Hangzhou railway station that time? which hotel/ hostel is good and near to railway station with reasonable price? any suggestion?

    If sunday, have to buy D train ticket in advanced? what’s the cost from Hangzhou-Shanghai by D train?

    thanks for your kindly help.

  17. I would like to know the price of the D train ticket from HANGZHOU to SHANGHAI.And how far is the train station from PU DONG AIRPORT.


  18. Can someone tell me how to buy a fast train ticket from Hangzhou to Shanghai?

    I am from Singapore.

    Can someone recommend a good hotel to stay in Shanghai, a hotel near city, near




  19. you can purchase thru web have them deliver to yout hotel.. better buy few days in advance.

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