Back from Chongming Island

This is the third time I went to Chongming (the first time, and the second time).

This time is a little bit special than the first few visit. Yesterday (June 28, 2008), the Yangtze River Tunnel + Bridge is structurally completed, and it takes some time to pave the road and install equipments. In 2010, people can drive to Chongming Island via Shanghai Yangtze River Bridge + Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel.

Currently, we have to put our cars onto the boat and get to the island via 1.5 hour trip. However, waiting in the line to get to the boat takes 1 hour to 2 hours.

Here are the lines we waited before we get to the boat:

Leaving the pier:

Behind the pier is the Baosteel – the Baoshan Steel Company, a high polution source.

Cars parked on the ferry:

Finally get near to Chongming in 1.5 hour:

On the island, we went to another wet land, and get a crab. There are billions of them.

This is the trip to get back, and I found out Chongming is turned into a big port already these three days.

Bye bye, Chongming. I know I will come back again even before the Tunnel and Bridge opens.

Trip Tips

You can refer to Chongming Island category to learn more about the logistics about the island. Here are just some general tips for you to get there (in a not so systematic way).

  • Chongming Island is part of China, in the north, at the mouth of Yangtze river.
  • It is actually the third largest island in China, after Taiwan and Hainan.
  • Chongming is now still an island without any bridge connecting to Shanghai, so it is just like Pudong before development.
  • The new bridge and tunnel will connect the island to Shanghai in 2010, and the mega project is part of the Shanghai to Xi’an Expressway G40.
  • The island is undeveloped, and it is mainly rural area, where people grow all kinds of fruits and food.
  • Drive on the island is wonderful – there are not many cars on the island, and the roads are very beautiful with trees and rivers on both side.

9 thoughts on “Back from Chongming Island

  1. i read sometime ago that the new Disneyland will be built in Chongming island too. Is that right?

  2. Hi,jianshuo.Visitting your blog for a long time.Facing the ChongMing Island is QiDong,in Jiangsu Province.Currently,people only take ferry from QiDong to Chongming.It is reported that the ChongQi Bridge is completed in 2010.People can drive to QiDong via ChongQi Bridge.Welcome to my hometown Qidong.

  3. reading this reminds me one phrase, 崇明人的阿爹. i guess i’m really homesick now :-)

  4. Jianshuo – Thank you very much for your blog. I lived on Chong Ming Dao for the summer of 2006. I taught English at the High School on Beiman Road. It has been two years since I was there and I miss it very much. Your blog makes me feel close to my Chinese home again.

    Do you think that the Shanghai Yangtze River and tunnel will make Chong Ming grow to be a big city like Shanghai?

  5. Hi there,

    I would like to live on Chong Ming Dao for an extended visit. Can you offer any advice? Looks amazing.


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