Stock Market Big Drop

I always react very slowly to what is happening in stock market in China.

Recently, the big drop of Shanghai Stock is also crazy (like that crazy and more crazy increase before).

After I reported the increase from 998.23 in June 2005 to 4040 in May 2007, and more than 6000 in 2008, it gets back to something around 2800 these days.

I am not involved in the stock market this time. People say, there is bubble in China, and there are always people believe: This is China, so economic rules do not apply.

Well. Even western rules do not apply, there must be some rules that works…

18 thoughts on “Stock Market Big Drop

  1. Jianshuo,

    I think the economy rule still applies here: there is a bubble, and there is a bubble bust :-)

    Seriously, I felt the Shanghai composite index and some stocks are at attractive level for long term (patient) investors. By “long term” I mean a year or more. I understand for some people a week is long term…

  2. You mean bubbles burst? I thought it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

    In my books, a long term investment is something I do not ever intend to sell.

  3. We are obviously going through some very troubling economic times starting with 1) the sub-prime mortgage debacle 2) extradordinary high gasoline and fuel prices 3) a housing market which has in many respects collapsed 4) diminished consumer confidence and the list goes on.

  4. Different rule fit for different industry situation and stock market. Execute a solution is not difficult, but discovering the real rule behind is the most difficult.

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  6. Off Topic:

    Is the statement below really true?

    There is a way to tell if someone has blocked you on MSN.

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  8. The truth is that there are always some bubbles somewhere. While some are bursting, the others are being built up. It all depends on where the money goes…

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    2) Gain good confidence

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    Well these are the four golden rules of stock market investing. But you need to understand that there are other rules too that go hand in hand while investing in the stock market. Remember that it all depends on your knowledge of the stock market and also your research on how you can go for investing in the right and the best stocks.

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